Our goals
  • customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the operating system and logistics
  • ensuring work safety in the workplace
  • pursuing the strategic objectives of environmental and safety vehicles and cargo
  • implementation of integrated quality system in accordance with the standard SR-EN-ISO 9001/2008 and SR-EN-ISO 14001/2005
  • taking into account throughout the source key personnel for further training by attending specific courses designed to ensure responsible conduct of business
  • transparency, clarity, high moral and ethical values ​​that define us as a reference company in the European market


VISTRIDOR IMPORT EXPORT PRODUCTIE SERVICII COMERT offers domestic and international road transport services, including groups of different capacities.

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About us

1. Historical

SC VISTRIDOR Import Export Productie Servicii Comert SRL was founded in 1991 in Cluj-Napoca, as an initiative to import used cars and not only in the context of a large domestic market demand.

Step by step, through an analysis of market trends, the company identified the opportunity for freight transport services, so that the first means of transport purchased goods, Mercedes 1213R (seven to-Canvas payload) and registered licensed freight Internal bringing the top 100 licenses in the area of Cluj.

Transport services market was booming, so it was necessary to purchase a higher capacity to transport cargo, 22 tons, thus extizand in the area of goods transported and customer portfolio.

2. Specialization and Development

More known in the market of transport services, and increasing requests from beneficiaries, our company aim to make a proposed new development step by offering its customers and transport related services.

Our expedition company meets all conditions for which the expedition was authorized by the license authority in the field of Public Road Transport of Goods in International Traffic in the European Union under the conditions established in Council Regulation (EEC) no. 881/92 of 26 March 1992 and in accordance with the general provisions of this license with LTM Series no. 0041793/2011.

An important step was the development company that has expanded the market by offering community-international road transport of goods with their own self and through intermediaries, an opening that offers further potential for development and growth and professional satisfaction.

So of course was imposed and the requirement to closely monitor market trends and requirements of customers and especially to provide experience, professionalism, in transport operations performed.

So it became SC VISTRIDOR Import Export Productie Servicii Comert SRL well known and stable operation of road transport services of goods is domestic and international leased own self and logistics related services.

Our development is reflected in increased turnover of  30.783 made in 2005 to a turnover  1.798.567 made in 2008, and in 2010  1.608.489, and explain these figures in the current economic strength should not be neglected.

Confirmation that it invests in professionalism, quality, innovation, consolidation services, is also recruiting and training a group of potential young workers healthy and moral principles which have been provided optimal working conditions in modern and open new headquarters in Cluj secondary Napoca.

3. About Us

For customer satisfaction and use methods and goals of our customers information and communication effective, appropriate and modern that contributes to modernizing and developing activities of carriage, namely domestic road transport, community, intra-and extra shipping in compliance with strict regime the legislation, offering our services are available in all countries of the European continent.

The strength of management services Vistridor is young with more experience who coordinates a team of young execution, united, faithful, with special skills in organizational communication and language skills.

All these aspects make SC VISTRIDOR Import Export Productie Servicii Comert SRL an ideal partner for its customers and suppliers who want high standards in service quality and optimizing time and costs.

The fundamental orientation of society allows companies of different sizes to enjoy the same level of attention and professionalism with fast answers, new solutions and customized for each subject and monitoring TRANSPORT offered by a young team that continues to be close to customers and the needs, concerns and try to develop their consistently high level of transport.

4.What we offer

Transport and shipping:
  • Road transport services of goods nationally and internationally, including packs of different capacities
  • national and international freight forwarding ,  and other related services

  • Services sound events (weddings, openings, screenings, exhibitions)

5. Where we are:

bw_smiley  Headquarters:                   Municipiul Cluj-Napoca, Str.Parang nr.5, Bloc B1U, Ap.6, 400552, Judetul Cluj, Romania                          
bw_grin   Secondary office / working point:
Municipiul Cluj-Napoca, Str. Ion Mester nr.1, Ap.111, 400650, Judetul Cluj, Romania
bw_envelope   Postal Mail: Municipiul Cluj-Napoca, OP.15 CP07;COD 400650 Romania                        
@   E-mail:  

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

bw_cellphone   Telephone:  (+4) 0755 - 05 43 62,  (+4) 0264 - 48 67 88,   (+4) 0744 - 52 27 76 - in english