SC VISTRIDOR Import Export Productie Servicii Comert SRL offers a full range of trucks with tarpaulin tarpaulin or trailer equipped with:

  • Trucks of 20 tons, 13.62m in length, approx. 90 cubic feet capacity
  • 20 tons trucks Special jumbo and mega, with volume exceeding 100 cubic meters for the transport of bulky goods (goods with over 2.7M tall, up to 3m)

Mega trucks curtainsider

Trucks with tarpaulin type "Mega" is the modern alternative for the international transport of goods. Unlike the normal version, semi-"mega" come with a useful volume increased to 100 cm.

If you wish to transport goods with large volume, this type of trailer is ideal for loads of volume. Modern gathering sheet goods incarcarrea help both the back and the side or even above.


  • Weight capacity: 21 tons
  • Dimensions: 13.6 x 2.46 x 2.90 m
  • Volume: 95-102 cm

Trucks with tarpaulin, 20 tons

Trucks with semi-enclosed with tarpaulin, are most common in the transportation of general goods. Useful weight can reach up to 21 tons.

Are recommended freight transport pallets, shipping pallets number 33. Trucks with semi-sheet is also used to transport goods long whose charge can be made by side.


  • Weight capacity: 21 tons
  • Average size: 13, GX2, 4x2, 7 (WxDxH) m
  • Volume: 88mc

Jumbo trucks with tarpaulin

Semi trucks for the transport of these types of goods are known as "swan neck trailer." The advantage is given by the volume increased to about 95 cm and lowered floor allows easy loading of goods, especially of the blade.

The floor presents so-called "scene" in length by 4m high. Canopies has 8 shutters designed for loading of goods by side. Height of 3 m is only in the back and on stage have a length of 4 meters with a height that varies from manufacturer (2.40, 2.50, 2.55 m)


Weight capacity: 21 tons

  • Average size: 13.60 x 2.40 x 3.00 (WxDxH) m - Volume:> 95 cm
  • Height: 3m, 2.40 respectively for the front, "the scene"